Precision's vision is to deliver innovative analytical tools and services with a spirit of kindness, quality and humility. Precision also strives to provide an exciting and energetic environment. If you are seeking to join a team that is fun, focused and professional, then Precision is the place for you.

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The ideal Precision candidate is a problem solver, with a strong desire to learn and implement modeling techniques. He/She is also an organized and effective communicator. It is imperative that candidates be flexible and able to support changing objectives and client needs in a fast-paced environment. Precision employees all share the ability to pay attention to detail while keeping the "big-picture" in mind. At Precision, employees are encouraged to be themselves, have fun and enjoy their time at work and away.


Precision pledges to continuously equip all employees with the skills and training necessary to excel at their positions. Training at Precision employees includes:
  • Database skills
  • Statistics
  • Model Management
  • Precision Models
  • Team and Leadership
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Communication


Precision values every employee’s health and general wellness above any corporate goal. In addition to focusing on high-quality service for Partners, Precision is dedicated to providing employees with benefits to achieve a healthy work-life balance, including:
  • Full medical and dental benefits
  • Retirement benefits
  • Generous Wellness program
  • Paid vacation
  • Numerous scheduled social events for employees and their families

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